Oxford Film Festivali Amerika’nın nispeten yeni festivallerinden. 2018’de 15. yaşını kutlayacak uzun metraj ve kısa film başvuruları açıldı. Festivale kurmaca, belgesel, animasyon ve deneysel filmleriniz başvurabilirsiniz. Festival kapsamında bir de senaryo yarışması düzenleniyor. Kalemine güvenenlerin kaçırmaması gerek çünkü kabul edilmese, ödül almasa bile bu yazı değerlendirmek ve deneyim sahibi olmak adına oldukça iyi bir fırsat. Ayrıca geçtiğimiz yıllarda festivale başvuran kadın yönetmenlerin oranını %28 olduğunu görünce bu seneki başvurularda oranı arttırmak için kadın yönetmenlerin başvuru ücretini %50 oranında düşürmüşler ve şimdiden başvuranların yarısından fazlasının kadın olduğunu görmüşler. O açıdan da güzel bir fırsat olabilir. Lafı uzatmadan festivalin başvuru detaylarına geçelim.


Son Başvuru Tarihi : 15 Kasım 2017
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Awards & Prizes

The jury-selected Hoka award is presented to the winning films for the following categories: Narrative Feature, Documentary Feature, Narrative Short, Documentary Short, Fest Forward (Animation and Experimental), Mississippi shorts and features, Mississippi Music Video, LGBTQ and music documentary.

Programmers Awards:
Alice Guy-Blaché Emerging Female Filmmaker Award – $1,000 cash
The Lisa Blount Memorial Acting Award
Best Editing Award
The Pat Rasberry Emerging Mississippi Filmmaker Award

The Hoka is also presented to the winner of the Ron Tibbett Audience Award after the festival.

New for 2018:
The Artist Vodka competition is new this year as is the Mississippi Screenplay Competition. See more on both at www.oxfordfilmfest.com.

The Shorts Screenplay winner will receive $1,000 and a trip to the festival as well as the table read at the festival and mentorship by a producer to get the film made.

Last year’s awards included a $10,000 Panavision camera rental, post-sound and color work, and cash prizes for several winners, including both the documentary and narrative feature winners. Shorts winners received post production sound design. OFF is currently assembling the 2018 prize packages and more information will be posted here and at www.oxfordfilmfest.com when confirmed.


Rules & Terms


• Submitted scripts must be original screenplays must be the sole property of the applicant(s).
• All ages are eligible.
• All entries must be in English.
• Short screenplays must be between 1 and 30 pages in length. Absolutely no exceptions.
• There is no limit to the number of screenplays you may submit.
• All entries must be uploaded in PDF format.
• Under absolutely no circumstances will substitutions of either corrected pages or new drafts of the entry screenplay(s) be made. Screenplays will not be returned.
• If a submitted screenplay becomes optioned, produced or purchased between the time of submission and the end of the judging period, that screenplay will no longer be eligible.
• Competition judges, readers and employees of the Oxford Film Festival Screenplay Competition, past and present, and their immediate friends and families, are not eligible to enter.
• Screenplays, including outlines, treatments, pitches, log lines or any developmental material related to screenplay, that have previously won any contest, competition, grant, lab, fellowship, mentorship, reading or award of any kind, are not eligible.
• Screenplays submitted under a pen name will be immediately disqualified.
• Screenplay titles cannot be changed upon resubmission under any circumstances.
• Screenplays uploaded or posted online to the public are not eligible.


To be considered for the Oxford Film Festival, the filmmaker must provide a working link (with or without password) to a digital screener on Vimeo, YouTube, or equivalent through FilmFreeway. DVD and E-mail submissions are not considered at all.

Films must have been completed after January 1, 2016.

While we prefer otherwise, short films currently streaming on You Tube or other free or pay platforms are eligible.

Waiver requests are only accepted via the form on our website, www.oxfordfilmfest.com and are not required to be considered. We do not provide any waivers after regular deadline.

Please enable the “Watch Later” feature on Vimeo. This makes it possible for our screeners to watch your films on the largest screen available to them.

Shorts must be under 30 minutes. Features must be under 120 minutes. Music Documentaries must be under 110 minutes.

To be considered for the Mississippi categories, the filmmaker should indicate his/her “Mississippi connection” in the cover letter section.

All films in a language other than English must be subtitled in English for festival presentation.

All submission fees are non-refundable.

Any film submitted in previous years but be a significantly different version to be re-considered. Re-submitted, previously rejected films will not be considered.



Feature-length films that are currently or have in the past been available in any form of exhibition in the United States are ineligible for juried competition. This includes: SVOD, TVOD, theatrical, TV or free Internet streaming. Non-US distribution is acceptable.

Films with upcoming US distribution are ineligible for juried competition and we do not pay screening fees for juried competition films. Please inform us before acceptance or rejection if no longer eligible. Such films may be considered for out-of-competition slots.

In submitting a completed film, the filmmaker represents that s/he is authorized to submit this film for screening at the 2018 Oxford Film Festival. S/he acknowledges that the film may be screened more than once during the festival and if a winner could be screened at our Best of events (we will ask permission first). S/he grants the Oxford Film Festival the nonexclusive right to use submitted materials in connection with any and all publicity and promotional materials regarding the festival. S/he warrants that the submitted film does not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of any person or entity and agree to hold harmless and fully indemnify and defend the Oxford Film Festival and its representatives against any and all claims made for such infringement or any other violations of law.

S/he also acknowledges that the film submission fee does not guarantee acceptance and no refund will be provided if your film is not selected.

Upon acceptance, Oxford Film Festival will ask for fest deliverables:

1) Feature films require a DCP and a BluRay back up. If unable to deliver a DCP, we partnered with a company to provide a discount to have a DCP made. Please contact us if you have questions.

2) Short films require a ProRes 422 and BluRay back up.

If the filmmaker does not comply with the delivery deadlines to receive the film, the film may be pulled from the festival lineup. Acceptance does not guarantee a juried slot, but the filmmaker will be notified upon acceptance if their film was selected for competition or out-of-competition screenings.

International entries – all entries from outside the US should be sent Air mail Registered or by a parcel express service (DHL, UPS, Fed Ex, etc.). We cannot accept entries shipped via air-freight if customs and delivery fees have not been paid.

Programmer awards are only eligible to those filmmakers that attend the festival. Juried awards are eligible to those selected for jury competition only. All films are in competition for the audience award. If you do not attend, we can not mail a Hoka but will provide a certificate instead and any cash or in-kind award (if applicable). We do not return materials unless you provide a self-addressed stamped envelope or FedEx or UPS account information.

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