Gent Film Festivali, dünyanın sayılı film festivallerinden biri. Belçika’da düzenlenen festival, 1974 yılında öğrenci filmleri festivali olarak başlayıp bugün Avrupa’nın öncü festivallerinden birine dönüştü. Sinema alanında yetkin isimlerin filminizi göndermeniz gereken 50 film festivali arasında gösterdiği festivalin 2017 başvuruları ise açıldı. Geleneksel film festivallerinin yanında müziğin filmdeki etkisine odaklandığı ve iki büyük ödülünden birini de buna adadığı için Avrupa’nın en karakterli 5 film festivalinden biri olarak gösteriliyor. Her sene yaklaşık 100 uzun metraj ve 50 kısa metraj filmi 100.000’in üzerindeki seyirciye ulaştıran festivale uzun metraj, orta metraj ve kısa filmlerinizle katılabilirsiniz.

Son Başvuru Tarihi : 1 Ağustos 2017
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Başvuru Koşulları

Every year in October we present some 100 feature films and 50 shorts from all over the world in various sections to an audience of over 100,000 spectators. Film Fest Gent is a competitive festival, focusing on “The Impact of Music on Film” at which some 12 feature fiction films compete for two prizes. The competing films are viewed by an international jury, which will pick out two films for following prizes:

* The Grand Prix for the Best Film
* The George Delerue Award for Best Music (Best Application of Music or sound design)

As for Shorts, we have a competition for European shorts (max. 30 minutes, main producer is European); and one for Belgian student shorts. We also present a program of non-competing international shorts, for this section no restrictions as to production year or length are set.

We will expect to present the film in (at least) it’s Belgian première.

How to enter a film?

The 44th Film Fest Gent will once again include a wide choice of films from all over the world, mainly focusing on fiction films (long and short) and, to a lesser extent, to documentary (mainly focussing on music- or film linked themes). Animation is also included. The festival presents films in digital and 35mm formats. Submissions are welcome until 1 August 2017.

Please also fill-out the online entry form (click here) and pay the entry fee:

• Entry fee shorts (max. 30 min): €20 / title
• Entry Medium Length films (31-69 min.): €30 / title
• Entry fee features (+70 min.): €50 / title

If you wish to send us additional material (zone free BluRay or DVD, pressbook, CD with soundtrack, stills, reviews, a director’s biography, …) you can mail these to Film Fest Gent, Attn. Wim De Witte, Leeuwstraat 40b, B-9000 Ghent, Belgium. Digital extra info can be forwarded to

An e-mail stating the programme committee’s decision on the film’s entry for the festival programme will be sent within 5 weeks after receipt of your tape.

The entry of a film implies knowledge and acceptance of the regulations.


Festival regulations

1. Articulation of the festival

Art. 1 – The 44th edition of Film Fest Gent will take place from 10-20 October 2017 at Kinepolis Gent, Studio Skoop, Sphinx, KASKcinema, Vooruit and other venues in the City of Ghent.

Art. 2 – The purpose of the festival is to promote the art of film making in all its shapes and to emphasise the variety and richness of the medium as an art form.

Art. 3 – The festival has an Official Selection with films in and out of competition, but it also includes various side-sections, outlined in articles 8 to 11 below. All films (except for the retrospective titles) will be screened in – at least – their Belgian première (so not shown before in Belgium).

Art. 4 – Upon proposal by the organising committee, the festival will award a special award of honour to one or more living film personality in recognition of their merits and contribution to the art of filmmaking.

2. Official selection – competition

Art. 5 – Film Fest Gent annually invites minimum 12 and maximum 15 films for its thematic competition focusing the jury’s and audience’s attention to the creative contribution of the soundtrack/music to the overall effect of a film. This competition is reserved to non-musical fiction films, i.e. films that do NOT owe their existence to music. These films have not yet been screened in the Benelux and have a minimum duration of 70 minutes. For each competing film a composer, music supervisor or sound designer (or comparable credit) will be credited. The competing films come from at least 6 different countries and not more than three from one country can participate. The aim is that at least 50% of the competing films have no Belgian distributor.

Art. 6 – On proposals of the organising committee, an international jury is assembled, made up of at least five personalities from the field of cinema and culture that has displayed a proven competence in cinema. It will not include any members who may have co-operated in the creation of any of the competing films. The festival’s Artistic Director will be present at the jury meetings as consultant in matters of regulations and procedures to be followed. The vote of the president will count double should jury voting come to a repeated draw.

Art. 7 – Once the jury have viewed all the competing films, it will confer the following prizes:

– The Grand Prix for Best Film.

– The Georges Delerue Prize for Best Music or Best Application of Music or Best Sound Design.

Ex aequos are not possible. The jury can mention certain films at their convenience.

3. Other sections

Art. 8 – The non-competing Galas & Specials section, will consist of special event titles (such as opening and closing title(s)) and a series of important new features that are expected to shortly open in Belgian/Benelux cinemas and receive their first Belgian preview at the festival.

Art. 9 – The Official Selection is an anthology of films from all over the world. Originality, content and innovative use of the film medium are primary criteria. Neither running time, nor format can be an obstacle for selection. This section will be divided in:

Art.9.a – Global Cinema. Offers a handful of feature films from all over the world.

Art. 9.b – Sound and Vision. The festival programmes a limited amount of relevant music documentaries. Fiction films that owe their existence to music can also be included.

Art. 9.c – Artists on Film. The festival will also present a limited documentary program with portraits, essays, reflections and testimonials on artists. Filmmakers, authors, architects, painters, a.o. can be the focus.

Art. 9.d – Belgian Cinema Today focuses on indigenous film production through means of presenting feature films and a competition for Belgian Student Shorts.

Art. 9.e – Film Fest Gent’s programme includes, apart from features and documentaries, a selection of shorts and medium length films. Though the festival’s main attention goes to short fiction and animated films, documentaries can be included. Shorts are either screened in combination with a feature or in one programme. Short films are films with a running time of less than 31 minutes. Medium-length films have a running time of 31 to 69 minutes. The festival organizes a competition for European Shorts and one for Belgian student shorts (see separate regulations).

Art. 9.f – The programme can also include TV-films and TV-series, presented in the section Serial Madness.

Art. 10 – Classics / Lost & Found is the festival’s retrospective section in which classics from the history of cinema are shown, either linked to other programs. Or the festival can present restored classics in this selection.

Art. 11 – The festival also organizes special events including concerts of film music, presentations of films in unusual locations, seminars and exhibitions.

4. Organisation and procedures

Art. 12 – The participating films must have been viewed completely or partially by at least one member of the executive committee. They can be submitted by means of sending a screener (an online screener, or zone free Blu-Ray or DVD) with press book, biography of filmmakers and (if available) a CD with soundtrack before 1 August 2017. The materials will not be returned. All screeners will be destroyed within a month after the end of the festival. Please also fill out the online entry form at: Online screeners can be mailed to Applications will only be considered after we have received the payment (online through PayPal) of the entry fee:

• Entry fee shorts (max. 30 min): 20 euro / title

• Entry Medium Length films (31-69 min.): 30 euro / title

• Entry fee features (+70 min.): 50 euro / title

Art. 13 – After the festival board confirms the film’s selection, the participant will be invited to fill out the online entry form (if not done already – before 25 August 2017. Please also provide: a DVD screener and English or French dialogue list (for electronic subtitling during screening), a EPK with trailer and/or film clips for televised promotion; 10 (copyright free) photos (digital, high resolution), digital press book, 2 CD’s with film soundtrack, 10 posters and a (copyright free) photo of the director. The participant is to guarantee correct delivery of publicity materials. Non – or insufficient – delivery of these materials before 25 August 2017 can result in withdrawal of the film from the programme.

Art. 14 – For competing films, the participant is to make available a print with English subtitles for the entire period of the festival.

Art. 15 – By filling out the online entry form, the participant commits himself to present his film at the festival and he implies knowledge and acceptance of these regulations.

5. Rules for participation

Art. 16 – Film prints (DCP, 35 mm, HDCam, Blu-Ray or digital file) are to be sent to the festival under permanent import upon the festival’s written request to the following address: Film Fest Gent – Print Office, Leeuwstraat 40b – B-9000 Ghent (Belgium)

Films from abroad must be in Belgium by 6 October 2017. Shipment to the festival is at the festival’s charge, provided the film is sent through the festival’s transport agent FEDEX (our account number is available upon request). The festival will not accept shipment charges of prints sent through other carriers or by mail. Unless written instructions are given by the producer or his representative (before 15 October), the prints will be returned to the sender’s address no later than 31 October 2017 at the festival’s charge. Prints are forwarded to other destinations (festivals or events) only after receipt of the participant’s written instructions and the addressee’s written confirmation that he will take charge of that shipment. Prints brought hand-carried to the festival are only accepted in very exceptional circumstances and by no means oblige the festival to cover the carrier’s travel expenses. Once a print has arrived at the festival, it is not sent forth and back to other festivals or events. If late arrival due to late delivery by sender of a print causes a screening to be cancelled, the cost of transportation of that print will be at the sender’s charge.

Art. 17 – The festival will insure all films from their departure to Belgium until their final delivery to the sender. In case of loss or damage, the insurance policy provides for the reimbursement of the cost of replacing the lost or damaged material to the producer, in the country of production, upon presentation of the invoice (print value as mentioned in the online entry form), based on the current lab rates. If no print value is mentioned in the online entry form, the minimum value assumed by Belgian labs will be considered the standard. The festival is not responsible for late arrival of a print during the transport to and from Belgium.

Art. 18 – Each film is shown a maximum of four times to the public. In addition, the festival may decide to organise one press screening. For each extra screening, the festival will send a written request to the producer. All films will receive equal treatment. The festival will not apply any censorship in any shape or form.

Art. 19 – The festival pledges not to screen a film before the official screening or before any general presentation to the press, unless the producer’s explicit permission is first obtained. The festival guarantees top quality organisation as well as the best possible technical equipment and accessories for screening.

6. Miscellaneous matters

Art. 20 – The organisers will publish an illustrated catalogue of the complete festival programme. The festival also publishes its programme (with synopsis, credits and stills) on the festival website.

Art. 21 – To better accommodate both local and foreign buyers, programmers and sales agents during their stay at the festival, the organisers will make the films also available in an online video library. Before including a film in this library, the organisers will request the producer’s authorisation in the online entry form or through a separate mailing.

Art. 22 – The English and Dutch versions of these regulations are applicable. All correspondence regarding these regulations must be in writing.

Art. 23 – The executive committee will settle all cases not covered in these regulations in accordance with the international FIAPF-regulations. The Committee will motivate its decisions if requested by the producer.

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